BHCG-Directed Study Targets Improving Health Care Value Statewide

Jeffrey Kluever

Jeffrey Kluever

In my July executive director column I wrote about our organization’s recently developed strategic plan that contains a significant analytics components. We have engaged GNS Healthcare (GNS), a leader in health care artificial intelligence (AI) to utilize the comprehensive database from Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) to understand how and where the best care is delivered in the state of Wisconsin so that we can continue our mission of improving health care value.

Rollout of Study Results

We anticipate the study’s initial findings will be available in September. We are planning a series of stakeholder meetings for health systems, health care payers, coalition representatives, senior leadership from major provider groups and select employers in Milwaukee, Madison and Wausau in late October to present these findings.  Invitations will be sent out via email in mid-September.

The study’s results will precipitate a dialogue between BHCG and regional health systems and providers about adopting more effective practice patterns and value-based pricing. It will also provide actionable information to health systems and provider groups to help them address the value of the health care they deliver with their medical staffs.

As I mentioned last month in my column, the success of this study and future ones is impacted by the breadth of the WHIO database. We continue to encourage all health care payers to submit medical and pharmacy claims to WHIO to enhance the validity of the studys’ results.

We believe this initiative holds the potential to provide a substantial leap forward in the overall value of care delivered throughout the state and reinforces BHCG’s commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen. This will benefit all health care stakeholders – employers, insurers, health systems, providers and, most importantly, employees, dependents and our communities.

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