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As the only unified employer voice in eastern Wisconsin for health care issues, we offer employer solutions, educational programs, support and vital information to employers who must navigate the ever-changing health care benefits landscape. BHCG membership allows employers a way to effectively face the future together with proven health care solutions, no matter their size.

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BHCG’s strategic focus is to develop a portfolio of diverse employer solutions. We have developed partnerships with a number of companies offering state-of-the-art solutions for the most vexing issues facing employers in the development and administration of their benefit plans. In addition to preferred rates, our partnerships with leading vendors offer other benefits like negotiated service agreements, performance guarantees, integrated data and consulting support.

We are actively engaged in discussions with several potential partners to offer additional employer solutions in other areas of employer need. Learn more about our existing employer solutions.

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Employers of all sizes can benefit from the many services and programs available through BHCG membership. Membership opportunities are available in Wisconsin and on a nationwide basis. For more information or to obtain a membership application, please complete the form below. We will reply to you promptly. Additionally, you may call us today at 262-875-3312, ext. 2.