Our Strategy to Deliver Health Care Value

BHCG is pursuing a long-term strategy for changing the way health care is used, managed and delivered. Our goal is to develop a market-driven health care system, delivering value to employers, employees and the community. In such a system, educated consumers make choices using reliable information about the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care they receive. Providers compete to meet patient needs by delivering care with the best outcomes at the best cost.


What We Believe

Collaborative partnerships and accountability by all parties are essential to making positive changes in the health care system. We seek collaborative relationships with these best in class strategic partners, as well as with providers, consumers and our member employers.

What We Do

BHCG is at the forefront of efforts to improve the value of health care - both cost and quality. We offer members best practices sharing, valuable market insights, support, education and information - along with many preferred vendor relationships and resources.


BHCG Cost Results

BHCG utilizes innovative data-driven strategies to improve health care value - both cost and quality. By leveraging our purchasing power and the collective knowledge of our member employers and best in class strategic partners, we have made remarkable progress in slowing health care cost trend.

Cost results
BHCG Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Is your organization interested in raising its profile with an ever-expanding audience of highly engaged, prominent area employers and other health care stakeholders? BHCG offers organizations opportunities to support our mission to improve health care value.

Affiliate Organizations

We work with other Wisconsin-based multi-stakeholder organizations to effect change in our health care delivery system. The work of these organizations, recognized both regionally and nationally, is at the forefront of this change.

Affiliate Organizations