Centivo LogoCentivo is a new type of health plan, offering BHCG self-funded member employers a high-performance solution to deliver high quality, affordable health care to employees and their families. Centivo develops high-value networks in direct partnership with leading local health care providers.

Centivo works with employers to direct patients to high value providers; encourages coordinated care through the use of a primary care physician (PCP); fosters stronger relationships between patients and providers; offers more affordable and predictable costs; and provides a better health plan experience for employees, using clear language, concierge level phone support and plan education.

Effective January 1, 2022, Centivo, in partnership with BHCG, will offer this high-performance health plan that will include broad, intermediate and narrow provider networks. It will feature fully transparent administrative services, efficient claims processing, advanced cost controls, employer analytics and integrated stop loss.

BHCG-Centivo High-Performance Health Plan Provider Networks

Three BHCG-Centivo network options are available exclusively to BHCG member employers -- a broad, intermediate and narrow network. Participating health care systems and provider groups in eastern Wisconsin and medical cost savings estimates for each network configuration are noted below. The addition of more health systems and provider groups to the network are imminent.

Wisconsin network configurations drive savings opportunity

Centivo has also joined forces with Health Payment Systems (HPS) and Cigna Payer Solutions, marking a further expansion of the BHCG-Centivo offering. Effective January 1, 2022, BHCG self-funded member employers can offer their employees HPS’ and/or Cigna’s traditional national networks alongside Centivo’s high-performance primary care-centered health plan. Centivo will serve as the health plan administrator for BHCG-Centivo offerings and networks selected by BHCG member employers.