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Navitus Health Solution’s 100% Pass-Through Rebate Model – A Winning Formula for BHCG Member Employers

In the August edition of The Catalyst, information was shared about how Navitus Health Solutions was outperforming the PBM industry on a wide variety of measures. In this edition, we are sharing additional results for member employers related to Navitus’ rebate performance, a measure of how much additional upside was delivered back to BHCG clients through the Navitus’ 100 percent pass-through model.

Unlike most other PBMs who only share rebates from pharmaceutical manufacturers up to the amount guaranteed in their contract with an employer or plan sponsor, Navitus returns 100 percent of the total dollar amount they receive in rebates to BHCG member employers. This unique arrangement resulted in the twelve BHCG member employers using Navitus as their PBM to receive more than $6.8 million in rebates in 2021 which was more than $1.2 million more than they would have received had their contract limited the rebates strictly to the guaranteed rebate amount.

To learn more about how Navitus Health Solutions can be a game-changing PBM solution for your organization, contact BHCG Executive Director Jeffrey Kluever at 262-875-3312 X1 or

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