Measuring Our Success…

Navitus Health Solutions Continues to Deliver Value

Navitus Health Solutions, BHCG’s best in class strategic partner for pharmacy benefit management, recently released their 2021 Drug Trend & Insights Report. As in past years, the 2021 report demonstrates how Navitus is outperforming the PBM industry on a number of key metrics for all its clients:

  • New clients who moved to Navitus from another PBM saved an average of 16% in 2021
  • Existing clients achieved an all-in, Net Total Cost PMPM of $84.37 in 2021, a year-over-year increase of only 1.5%
  • Navitus’ client Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased to 76 from 72 in the prior year, a superstar rating
  • Navitus’ focus on lower-net-cost options – including using a significant number of new generic releases to ensure proper use of high-cost medications – kept clients’ specialty medications trend to 3%, the lowest it has been in recent years.

BHCG member employers saw a similar strong performance from Navitus in managing their pharmacy benefits in 2021. In aggregate, member employers had a Net Total Cost PMPM Trend of 3.8%. Five clients had a negative trend.

In the next edition of The Catalyst, we will share additional results for member employers related to Navitus’ rebate performance against guarantees, a measure of how much additional upside was delivered back to BHCG clients through the Navitus pass through model.

The Navitus 2021 Drug Trend & Insights Report is available for download. To learn more about how your organization can gain control over your pharmacy spend, contact BHCG Executive Director Jeffrey Kluever at 262-875-3312 X1 or