The Catalyst

The Catalyst

Optimizing An Employer’s Onsite/Near-Site Clinic

In the April edition we introduced two new programs offered in conjunction with Centivo for BHCG member employers. In this edition we would like to provide you more detail about a unique program tailored for employers with onsite/near-site clinics and for vendors who operate these clinics. This program was the topic of a July 13 BHCG Delivering Value Series (DVS) symposium.

The BHCG/Centivo high-performance, PCP-guided health plan model is a perfect complement to employers offering an onsite or near-site clinic. Onsite/near-site clinics can be transformed using data and experience from the model.

Onsite Near-site Clinics

Employees and their dependents can establish relationships with high-performing PCPs from the onsite/near-site panel. In turn, onsite/near-clinic operators can manage and coordinate all the care of their patients. Utilizing Centivo’s referral portal, health care providers staffing member employers’ onsite or near-site clinics can identify high value specialists throughout the state of Wisconsin to refer patients in need of additional services.

High-value specialists were identified using the results of the second BHCG-sponsored Physician Value Study conducted by GNS Healthcare. The Study revealed substantial savings opportunities if patients saw these high-value specialists.

For employers offering Centivo health plan options, their onsite/near-site clinics can be integrated directly into their plan. The clinics are no longer treated as a separate provider outside of the standard network offering.

This product, offered to BHCG member employers, is another prime example of the value of membership in BHCG. Please contact Jeffrey Kluever, BHCG’s Executive Director at, or 262-875-3312 X1 for more information.

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