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BHCG’s November 2 DVS Symposium Promises to be Highly Engaging and Informative

Delivering Value Series
Our seventh Delivering Value Series (DVS) symposium of 2022, scheduled for November 2 from 9:00 – 10:30 am CDT, promises to be one of the highlights of the series. For this event – Employers as Health Care Change Agents: The Time Is Now – we have arranged for two nationally renowned speakers to join us along with a prominent health care system leader in Wisconsin.

Our presenters for the morning will include Rivka Friedman, head of healthcare innovation, Morgan Health. Morgan Health, a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, is focused on improving the quality, equity and affordability of employer-sponsored health care in the United States. It is investing $250 million in promising health care companies, including BHCG’s strategic partner, Centivo.

Also, as a presenter will be Lisa Bielamowicz, MD, co-founder and CEO, Gist Healthcare. Gist Healthcare’s mission is to enable health care delivery organizations to provide greater value to the consumers of health care – the patients and communities they serve.

Finally, we will be joined by Bernie Sherry, senior vice president, ministry market executive, Ascension Wisconsin, one of Wisconsin’s largest health care systems and a key provider in Centivo’s high-performance health plan network.

Our presenters will be covering such topics as:

  • Why strategic investors are betting on employer-focused solutions
  • How accountability and alignment make up the connective tissue for mutual success
  • What a regional health system is doing to embrace this new world while still managing day-to-day in the status quo
  • Why what’s happening here in Wisconsin is resonating nationwide
  • What success looks like now and in the near future

I encourage all of you to join us – either in-person or virtually – for what should prove to be a most compelling and informative morning. More information about this symposium and registration is now available.

Jeffrey Kluever

If you have questions or would like more information about this DVS symposium, BHCG or Centivo, please feel free to contact me at or 262-875-3312 X1.

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