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Jeffrey Kluever

Jeffrey Kluever

As I have mentioned in previous columns, BHCG’s strategic focus has been on developing a portfolio of diverse employer solutions. To this point we have developed partnerships with a number of companies offering state-of-the-art solutions for the most vexing issues facing employers in the development and administration of their benefit plans. In addition to preferred rates, our partnerships with leading vendors offer other benefits like negotiated service agreements, performance guarantees, integrated data and consulting support.

As 2018 came to a close, our solutions portfolio included medical plan administration (through UnitedHealthcare), informed decision making (through Best Doctors), a game changing 100 percent pass-through pharmacy benefit management program (through Navitus Health Solutions) and impactful, turnkey employee benefits communications and campaigns (through Engagement Solutions, The Write Source and AFFIRM Agency) aimed at motivating consumers and changing behaviors.

Our Newest Solutions

In the new year, I’m pleased to say we’ve been very busy! We have added partnerships with two additional organizations that will bring even more value to BHCG membership – Quantum Health and Welldoc. Quantum Health, which we highlighted in the February edition of The Catalyst, provides consumer navigation and care coordination services, based on a research-driven consumer behavioral model. The care coordinators at Quantum Health are a single point of contact for health plan members – and their providers and hospitals – to improve the health care experience.

The model accomplishes much of what has been on employer lists for a long time – a single point of entry into the health care system at the earliest possible point that integrates all the components of a health plan. The result is a much better member experience and lower costs for employers and employees due to a reduction in unnecessary, inappropriate and low value care.

Welldoc, our newest employer solution, is a leading digital therapeutic company working with individuals with chronic diseases. The company will offer its award-winning digital assistant BlueStar® program to BHCG member employers at preferred rates. BlueStar is a web and mobile in-app coach designed to engage people with type 2 diabetes. It delivers personalized, real-time feedback and diabetes educational tools that have been proven to improve health, clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

More Solutions on the Horizon

We are actively engaged in discussions with several potential partners to offer additional employer solutions in other areas of employer need in the coming months. Our long-term plan is to leverage our collaboration with these partners and our regional health systems to positively impact health care value – from treatment plans to quality improvement initiatives. Rather than working in individual silos, the solutions offered by these strategic partners and the power of the integrated data it produces, can be used to make a real difference in health care quality, outcomes and affordability.

Delivering Value Series

To learn more about some of these employer solutions, we have developed the Delivering Value Series, a series of events showcasing these solutions. The events are designed for employers, their advisors, providers and other health care and benefits stakeholders to gain in-depth knowledge about the value of BHCG membership and innovative employer solutions in BHCG’s portfolio.

Attendees will learn how BHCG’s partnerships with industry leaders address the most pressing benefits issues today and bring real value to member employers. The events are open to anyone and free to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 262-875-3312 x1 or if you have questions or would like to learn more about BHCG and our growing portfolio of solutions.

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