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Quantum Health – New BHCG Single Point of Contact Solution

There is no denying navigating the health care maze has become increasingly complex – for health plan members, providers and employers. Enter Quantum Health, a science-based, consumer behavioral model to boost consumer engagement and improve health and outcomes – all through a single point of contact.

BHCG recently announced its partnership with Quantum Health at last month’s annual meeting. Quantum’s groundbreaking integrated model will be offered to BHCG members nationally and on a stand-alone basis, not requiring full BHCG membership. Among many other benefits, the partnership offers BHCG preferred pricing, an administrative services agreement template and integrated reporting and data.

How does it work?

Quantum offers a single point of entry for a member’s health care journey. It features a dedicated BHCG multi-disciplinary care coordination team that performs:

  • Member and provider services for both medical and pharmacy benefits including: benefits and claims; eligibility; provider selection and cost/quality; and advocacy
  • Clinical and care coordination services (i.e. pre-notification, utilization review, pre- and post-admission, care coordination, case and condition management, etc.)
  • Integration and promotion of other health benefit solutions/vendors

The Quantum model is an “agnostic” solution that will integrate with virtually any vendor/solution (e.g. third party administrator, provider network, telemedicine, second opinion/decision support, wellness, EAP, onsite clinic, etc.), excluding insurance carriers.

Offering a single point of consumer contact (via one phone number, ID card, member portal or app), the model features a consistent member experience across the entire health plan, leveraging the value of all an employer’s benefits and vendor solutions.

Says BHCG Executive Director Jeff Kluever, “The Quantum solution is really putting all the pieces together for our member employers, increasing the utilization of our other employer solutions and improving consumer experience and outcomes. The model makes things significantly easier for employers, employees and providers with outstanding customer service and employee engagement and advocacy through a single point of contact.”

Consumer experience that drives results

The Quantum care coordination team, cross-trained and linked with other vendor solutions, offers consistent real-time guidance to members. The team uses a research-based approach to deliver personalized, provider-connected and tech-enabled services.

Using primary and secondary sources of identification, the model engages employees earlier in their health care system journeys, improving utilization and lowering costs. Quantum’s impressive results (e.g. three to four times greater employee engagement) have been validated for more than 15 years. The model also offers ongoing engagement through an advanced digital consumer experience that features digital outreach, notification calls to action and communication and education.

To learn more about the BHCG Quantum Health partnership, be sure to register to attend either the Quantum Health Early Adopters Meeting on March 19 & 20, or the first event in the BHCG Delivering Value Series scheduled for April 30 from 9:00 – 11:00 am.  Registration for this event will be opening soon. If you have questions, please contact Jeff Kluever at 262-875-3312, x1 or



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