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Employers at the Forefront of the COVID-19 Crisis

Jeffrey Kluever

Jeffrey Kluever

As we face the coronavirus crisis, employers play a significant role. Not only do we need to reassure and support our employees and their families, but we also play a critical part in mitigating the spread of the virus and working through strategies for the future.

The subject of this column is personal for me – I am Waukesha County COVID-19 patient number one. After testing positive and taking a two-week self-quarantine, I am extremely grateful to report I have recovered, but my experience with the disease has given me a profound understanding of the importance of taking the critical measures necessary to contain its spread.

I believe telling my story can serve to educate and inform employers and others in the community about the need to take seriously the guidelines to halt the virus and what to do if you or a loved one contracts the disease. This is why I agreed to be interviewed by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

We are here for you

In the weeks and months ahead, I’m certain we will have many opportunities to discuss not only my own experience with COVID-19, but also the myriad of issues employers will face at the forefront of this crisis. We are facing challenges in every area of our businesses that many of us did not have in our contingency playbook. Please know that as a membership organization for employers, we face these challenges together and are here for one another.

BHCG was formed for employers to leverage their collective knowledge and influence to help solve the growing problem of unsustainable increases in health care costs. Today, we find ourselves facing another significant trial that none of us could have anticipated, but nonetheless are affected by immensely.

Rest assured we are here for you as a membership organization that shares best practices and vigorously seeks employer solutions. Over the next few months and years, the coronavirus and our response to it is destined to change the world of work in both big and small ways. We will need each other more than ever as we cope with the present “new normal” and try to plan for the future.

For now, in the early stages of this challenge, with rapid changes occurring daily and even hourly, we’ve tried to keep abreast of some high level best practices employers and their advisors have shared. First and foremost, employers can lead the way in impressing upon their employees the dire need for them to follow local, state and federal guidelines and imperatives issued to mitigate the spread of the virus.

BHCG COVID-19 Webinar

Please join BHCG for a webinar (offered at two separate times: 4/1 & 4/8 @ 1:30-3:30pm) with information you can use to address the COVID-19 pandemic in your workplace and in the community. Learn best practices and understand legal mandates from a panel of medical and legal experts. Following brief presentations by our panelists, there will be ample time to get answers to your questions and address your concerns.

Other COVID-19 Resources for Employers

Fortunately, in a very short amount of time, the following employer organizations have been able to put together some comprehensive information and links from multiple resources that all employers can access:

  • The Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce (MMAC) website where you can also download and view a recent webinar Best Practices for Adapting Your Business to a Global Pandemic Outbreak?
  • Waukesha County Business Alliance has put together a coronavirus resource page
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce also has a resources and guidance page

I urge you to seek out resources and information as you continue to navigate this crisis and to ask for help if you need it. As always,  Please do not hesitate to contact me at 262-875-3312 x1 or with any concerns or questions you may have in the days ahead for which we might offer assistance.

Rest assured we will be actively supporting you and seeking solutions and resources as we move forward into new territory. We are looking forward to the day when we can get together again in person and shake hands. But for now, please stay safe and well.

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