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BHCG Member Employers See Significant Savings in Transition to Navitus Health Solutions®

Navitus Health Solutions, BHCG’s best in class strategic partner for pharmacy benefit management, is proving to be a game changer for four member employers who implemented Navitus in 2019. Using its administrative fee only model featuring complete transparency and lowest net cost, Navitus has produced outstanding cost savings for Baird, City of Kenosha, Masters Gallery Foods and Paragon Development Systems.

Pharmacy Spend - 2019 vs. 2018

City of Kenosha Paragon Development Systems
  • 29% Decrease
  • Savings of $649,389 for the year
  • 55% Decrease
  • Savings of $142,472 for the year
Masters Gallery Foods Baird*
  • 40% Decrease
  • Savings of $443,428 for the year
  • 11% Decrease
  • Savings of $396,657

*Represents 2nd half of 2019 savings only

Several other BHCG member employers made the transition to Navitus as of January 1, 2020. Their results will be reported in the upcoming months.

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