July 2016

Measuring our success…

The BHCG’s Best Doctors results for Q1 2016

“Most Americans will encounter at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with severe consequences for their physical and mental health.”

-Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

The Best Doctors program offers consumers facing difficult medical decisions access to expert medical consultations in addition to a range of other tools and resources so they may have the confidence to make informed decisions about their care. 

Best Doctors, the BHCG’s informed decision making vendor, recently reported its results for the first quarter of 2016 for BHCG self-funded employers. Highlights of the results include:

  • 148 contacts were made to Best Doctors from employees or dependents of self-funded employers
  • Diagnosis changes were made in 20 percent of the cases, while treatment recommendation changes were made in 77 percent of the cases
  • Contacts from members for Interconsultation* services were split 46 percent from males and 54 percent from females, with 89 percent representing contacts from employees and 11 percent from dependents.
  • The primary age range of individuals seeking Interconsultation services was 50-59 years old

The BHCG remains committed to assisting employees in becoming better health care consumers. The services of Best Doctors helps the BHCG and its employer members meet that commitment.


* An in-depth medical review by a leading physician to confirm a diagnosis or treatment or suggest a recommended change. 

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