November 2017

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Measuring our success...

BHCG 2016 Results Outperform the Market

Self-funded employers' 2016 results compare favorably with the eastern Wisconsin market on various measures. Some highlights include:

  • 2016 vs. 2015 – 10 percent reduction in per member per month (PMPM) health care costs
  • Covered PMPM results vs. UnitedHealthcare norms – 6.8 percent below national and 11.2 percent below eastern Wisconsin
  • Higher utilization of Premium care physicians (42.8 percent) in Wisconsin than the national UnitedHealthcare norm (38.4 percent)
  • BHCG employers have a 16 percent lower spend for members highly engaged with Premium-Tier 1 providers (claim risk adjusted)
  • UnitedHealthcare uses a Consumer Activation Index (CAI) to measure nine categories of consumer health care decisions. A BHCG study reviewed the CAI and use of Premium Care Physicians. The study showed a 27 percent savings (claim risk adjusted) when members have BOTH a high use of Premium Care Physicians and a high CAI

Advocate4Me Continues to Provide Superior Customer Service

Advocate4Me, BHCG's-dedicated customer service unit with UnitedHealthcare and based in Green Bay, WI, recently released its third quarter performance results. Consistent with previous measurement periods, Advocate4Me continues to provide superior customer service. Highlights of the report include:

  • Customer satisfaction – 87 percent of customers were satisfied with the service provided
  • First call resolution – 96 percent of members had their needs resolved by an Advocate on the first call
  • Preventive screening reminders – Advocates engaged members to obtain preventive screening recommendations
  • Referrals to programs and resources – Advocates offered referrals to programs and resources that addressed health care needs. The top three program referrals were treatment decision support, case management and wellness

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The Business Health Care Group leverages member employer purchasing power and knowledge to lead change. We create value through innovative shared strategies to improve health care quality and cost efficiency for employers, employees and the community. BHCG membership exceeds 200,000 covered lives in the 22-county region of eastern Wisconsin.