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The BHCG’s Best Doctors results for 2014

Best Doctors, the BHCG’s informed decision making vendor, recently reported its results for 2014 for BHCG self-funded employers.

The Best Doctors program offers consumers facing difficult medical decisions access to expert medical consultations in addition to a range of other tools and resources so they may have the confidence to make informed decisions about their care.  Highlights of results for 2014 for self-funded employers include:

  • Fourteen self-funded employers participated in the program
  • Employees or their dependents placed 957 calls to Best Doctors, an increase of 65 percent over 2013
  • 544 Find A Best Doctor services were provided, an increase of 83 percent over 2013
  • 28 Ask The Expert services were provided, an increase of 17 percent over 2013
  • 128 InterConsultations were provided, an increase of 121 percent over 2013
  • Diagnosis changes were made in 30 percent of the cases, while treatment recommendation changes were made in 64 percent of the cases
  • 90 percent of survey respondents gave the highest rating for Best Doctors’ overall ability to meet their needs and would recommend Best Doctors services to their co-workers
Since its inception, the BHCG has been thoroughly committed to assisting employees in becoming better health care consumers. The services of Best Doctors helps the BHCG and its employer members meet that commitment.

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