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Best Doctors reports results for first 18 months

In 2012, BHCG selected Best Doctors of Boston as its informed decision making vendor – a long-term strategy to engage consumers to take an active role in their health care decisions. Presently more than 104,000 employees and their dependents have access to Best Doctors’ services, including:

  • InterConsultation Service – provides an expert medical consultation with a nationally renowned physician to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan. The service uses the top physicians in the country who collaborate with the treating physician to ensure the best possible care is being delivered
  • Ask the Expert – access to expert physicians for non-emergencies when a diagnosis is confirmed but questions remain regarding a treatment plan
  • Explore My Options – includes clinical coaching and on-line decision aids for members facing surgery, to determine if less invasive treatment options are appropriate
  • Find a Best Doctor Service – connects members with the right in-network expert specialist or subspecialist for their conditions

Results for the first 18 months of the program demonstrate Best Doctors has made a significant impact in the lives of some of our members’ employees and their dependents. During this timeframe:

  • Best Doctors received 539 calls from BHCG members. These included:
    • 55 calls that resulted in the initiation of InterConsultation services;
    • 17 Ask The Expert calls
    • 303 calls for Find a Best Doctor referrals.
  • For InterConsultation Service cases, a diagnosis change/clarification occurred in 31 percent of the cases, while a treatment change/clarification was recommended in 58 percent of the cases.

While these statistics clearly demonstrate a program making a positive impact in the lives of employees and their dependents, patient testimonials offer a powerful personal account of how Best Doctors can bring peace of mind and valuable information about treatment options to those facing serious medical issues.  Here are just two of the testimonials received about Best Doctors:

  • “It was really great. My Member Advocate was so helpful and had great follow up. I was very impressed to have a time to talk to a doctor through my report and go over questions. It felt really wonderful to be heard, and taken seriously after going through so many doctors and not getting any results  or diagnosis ideas. I'm recommending Best Doctors to everyone I know.”
  • “Very positive experience and painless. They took control of the situation and efficiently gathered all of the necessary paperwork and information. I don't know how they got the records so quickly but I was very relieved that Best Doctors took the responsibility to gather the information and documentation. The report was very thorough and timely provided. All of the Best Doctors employees I talked with were extremely professional and customer focused. I would definitely recommend Best Doctors and view it as a valuable benefit provided by my employer.” 

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