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Highlights of BHCGs 2013 Performance Scorecard

The 2013 performance scorecard is intended to identify how the BHCG as a group and Humana are performing compared to baseline measures and benchmarks.  Some highlights include:

Cost & Utilization

  • Over the past eight years the BHCG’s self-funded member employers have experienced an average annual increase in health care costs of 2.2 percent per health member per month when compared with 2005 base-year costs.  Over this same eight-year time frame, costs in southeast Wisconsin have increased on average between seven and 10 percent per year. 
  • In the past eight years, BHCG self-funded employers have saved approximately $957 million when compared with the southeast Wisconsin’s market trend over the same period.
  • Utilization of in-network providers by employees and their dependents was greater than 95 percent for both fully insured and self-funded employers.

Consumer Engagement

  • Generic utilization of retail prescription drugs rose from 79 to 80 percent for self-funded employers and from 80 to 82 percent for fully insured employers.
  • Generic utilization of mail order prescription drugs rose from 75 to 79 percent for both self-funded and fully insured employers.
  • From 2012 to 2013, member registration with increased slightly to 60 percent for self-funded employers (compared with 47 percent of Humana’s book of business) and from 48 percent to 50 percent for fully insured companies.
  • In 2013, 55 percent of self-funded employers offered a consumer directed health plan (CDHP) (compared with 31 percent of Humana’s book of business), while 20 percent of fully insured employers offered a CDHP (compared with 12 percent of Humana’s book of business).

Humana Performance

  • Humana’s service unit exceeded all its 2013 performance goals – with the exception of Rx mail order turnaround time – for measures such as claims processing accuracy and turnaround time, telephone response time and call abandonment rates. 

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