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BHCG’s 2011 Annual Report is now available
Want a concise report of all of BHCG’s 2011 activities and accomplishments? The 2011 report is a great document to share with colleagues in and out of your organization about what is happening at the BHCG. Click here to view the report online. This year the BHCG also had a limited number of copies printed. If you would like a printed copy, please contact Tim Hussey at 414-433-4719 x 4 or at thussey@businesshealthcaregroup.org.

Consumer Accountability initiative – another advantage of BHCG membership
As reported in the February 2012 edition of The Catalyst, the BHCG engaged Towers Watson to develop a consumer accountability best practice scorecard with the goals of:

  • Assessing the impact of BHCG member employers’ health benefit offerings and strategies on consumer accountability and engagement
  • Providing member employers with a score to compare to their BHCG counterparts and national trends
  • Assisting employers in determining if the impact of additional program elements could improve accountability and impact trend

Aggregate results of all participating employers in the survey and individual employer results were shared at the May BHCG Benefits Subcommittee meeting. The following aggregate highlights were reported:

  • A majority of employers intend to “raise the bar” for employees to manage and maintain their health by making it more challenging to earn rewards or avoid penalties
  • Member employers are doing better than national employer averages in controlling cost trend increases
  • Many short-term cost trend levers have been utilized – employers will need to focus on longer-term cost trend mitigation strategies going forward
  • BHCG employers have relatively strong performance in providing support to employees for behavior change

BHCG creates Wellness & Benefits LinkedIn group
The BHCG Wellness & Benefits forum is a members-only group recently formed on LinkedIn to allow member employers to share ideas, opinions, information and news – an important benefit of BHCG membership! It also provides the BHCG with the ability to get feedback on various topics regarding health and wellness, benefits and other areas relevant to members.

All conversations are kept confidential within the group and are not visible to the public LinkedIn community. If you are a LinkedIn member and a BHCG employer, you are eligible to join the group. BHCG members interested in joining in the conversation should click on the Groups tab on the LinkedIn menu bar and click on Group Directory. Once in the Group Directory, enter the name of the group, BHCG Wellness & Benefits Forum in the Search Groups Keywords box on the left-hand side of the page and click the Search button. Click on the title of the group and click the Request to Join button.

Once approved as a member, you will receive an email at your LinkedIn email address that your request has been approved and will be included as a member in the group. As with other LinkedIn groups, you are free to start discussions, ask questions or share information with the group. We encourage you to use the Share Group option to let others in your organization who might be interested in joining know about the group.

If you are not a LinkedIn member, you will need to join LinkedIn to participate in this group. However, if you choose not to join, we will be publishing results of surveys and overviews of group discussions from time to time in this newsletter.

NEW broker/consultant access to BHCG communication resources
Brokers and consultants working with BHCG employer groups are now being offered the opportunity to register for the BHCG’s Web2Print site where they will have immediate access to a full range of Humana employee communication materials that can be downloaded or produced through the site.

Humana communications available on the BHCG Web2Print site include:

  • Brochures and guides
  • Flyers
  • Bilingual flyers
  • Payroll inserts
  • SmartSummary communications
  • Posters
  • Plan summary communications
  • MyHumana communications
  • Healthier Generation benefit communications

In addition, registration will also offer brokers and consultants password-protected access (upon executing an access agreement) to the BHCG’s Buyer’s Guide to Healthcare consumer education modules – an exclusive benefit for BHCG employer members – to preview with clients and prospects.

The BHCG’s Buyer’s Guide to Health Care is a series of online videos featuring a regular “Joe” who gets smart about using health care with the help of his neighbor John. The videos (each less than seven minutes) in the series contain helpful hints and interactive, entertaining tools for making better health care decisions. In today’s world of consumer driven health care, this valuable series becomes a great selling tool for brokers and consultants assisting their clients with employee communication solutions.

An email notification will be sent to brokers and consultants in the near future instructing them how they can register for these key BHCG communication resources.

Employer and broker blogs coming soon
One of the benefits of a membership organization is its ability to gather information, ideas and viewpoints from a variety of resources and perspectives. Our ability to communicate with you just expanded with our decision to launch both an employer and a broker/consultant blog which will be housed on the BHCG website starting in the third quarter of this year. New entries will be announced via email and archived on the site. Look for relevant topics regarding health care and benefits as well as interesting tidbits, information and updates we’ve gathered!

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