Measuring our success…

BHCG 2011 cost results – continuing to outperform the market
In 2011 the Business Health Care Group (BHCG) demonstrated continued progress in slowing health care cost increases for its member employers, building on the results the organization has accomplished since its inception. In 2011 self-funded member employers experienced a 6.2 percent increase in medical costs (calculated prior to benefit application to eliminate the impact of benefit design changes) compared to 2010. This increase was lower than the southeast Wisconsin market trend of 8 percent for the same period.

Over the past six years the BHCG’s self-funded member employers have experienced an average annual increase in health care costs of 2.3 percent per health plan member when compared with 2005 base-year costs. Over this same six-year time frame, costs in southeast Wisconsin have increased an average of nine percent per year. In the past six years, BHCG self-funded employers have saved approximately $577 million when compared with the southeast Wisconsin’s market trend over the same period.


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