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Two Symposiums Remaining in BHCG’s 2020 Delivering Value Series

BHCG’s 2020 Delivering Value Series (DVS), designed to address the most pressing benefits issues today, has two symposiums remaining this year. On October 14, representatives from Covering Wisconsin will share insights about how employers can help low wage and part-time employees find suitable health care insurance coverage. This is an especially timely topic in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced many employers to reduce staff hours, implement furloughs, and in some cases, lay off personnel. This has increased the need for current and former employees to seek alternative, affordable health insurance options for themselves and their families. Registration is now open for this symposium.

On November 18, the series will conclude with a presentation from John Barlament, partner in the Employee Benefits Group at Quarles & Brady. John’s address, Hot Topics in Benefits Law, will be particularly enlightening as employers wrestle with unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch for an email invitation as this event is opened for registration.

An audio recording, slides and an executive summary from the first three symposiums this year are available now. We encourage you to attend the remaining virtual symposiums. They are free to attend and all are welcome.

Seeking Health Care Services – Still Critically Important

Data provided by UnitedHealthcare show that member employers’ employees and dependents have deferred health care during the COVID-19 pandemic, like many others have during these unprecedented times. However, preventive care (annual physicals, cancer screenings, immunizations and flu shots) and emergency room visits in a real medical emergency should not be deferred. They are all critically important to maintaining good health.

To address this issue the Business Health Care Group has partnered with UnitedHealthcare on the creation of a “Deferred Care” communications campaign with the goals of educating employees and their dependents about the importance of not deferring care and helping them feel comfortable seeking out necessary care, despite the pandemic.

The campaign, in which the vast majority of BHCG member employers chose to participate, was launched in mid-September and includes direct mail and email communications. These materials will be available to member employers on the BHCG website in the Online Communications Library.

BHCG Updates Communication Materials

As BHCG’s services and employer solutions evolve and are enhanced, it becomes necessary to update the communication pieces outlining these offerings. Recently BHCG updated the following:

These communication materials and others are available for download at the BHCG website. They will continue to be updated periodically.

BHCG 2019 Annual Report Now Available

BHCG’s 2019 Annual Report, Demonstrating Responsible Corporate Citizenship, is now available for review on the BHCG website. 2019 was an extraordinarily busy and successful year for BHCG. The report summarizes the organization’s efforts to assist employers in providing competitive health care benefits and positively impact health care value in our region.

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