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The Catalyst

Strategic Planning

From the Executive Director

Jeffrey Kluever

As I mentioned in my February column, one of our goals for 2018 was the development of a three to five year strategic plan for our organization. Together with our Executive Steering Committee and consultants, we have been working diligently since then to bring this plan to fruition.

I want to personally thank the Executive Steering Committee for their commitment and efforts in this process. I am convinced our strategic plan will advance the mission of our organization. We look forward to sharing the detailed plan with all stakeholders in early 2019.

BHCG Preferred Pharmacy Pricing

In my June and August columns I outlined our new pharmacy benefit management partnership with Navitus. This partnership offers self-funded BHCG member and non-member employers a solution that directly aligns with employers’ objectives and offers control of plan offerings, drug spend and fiduciary responsibilities.

We are pleased to announce the preferred pricing BHCG has negotiated with Navitus – $5.00 per eligible subscriber per year for new member employers. This pharmacy benefit management solution can be accessed as a stand-alone benefit without having to pay BHCG’s full membership fee.

Numerous employers have already committed to joining our organization effective January 1, 2019 to take advantage of this preferred pricing. With this pharmacy product offering, we anticipate significant growth in BHCG membership throughout 2019.

Membership Fees for 2019

The Executive Steering Committee has established our membership fees for 2019. They will remain at $15.00 per eligible participant per year. One change has been made related to Medicare eligible retirees. The definition of an eligible participant will exclude all Medicare eligible retirees regardless of the medical plan offering. More details about this change, along with invoices for 2019, will be sent to member employers in the fourth quarter of this year.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 262-875-3312 x1 or if you have questions or would like to learn more about BHCG.

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