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BHCG Member Employers See Significant Results in Transition to Navitus Health Solutions®

Navitus Health Solutions, BHCG’s best in class strategic partner for pharmacy benefit management, is proving to be a game changer for two member employers. Using its administrative fee only model featuring complete transparency and lowest net cost, Navitus has produced outstanding cost savings for the City of Kenosha and Masters Gallery Foods, based in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Both employers made the move on January 1, 2019 to Navitus Health Solutions to manage their pharmacy benefits. To date, the City of Kenosha has seen a 30 percent drop in its pharmacy spend (which projects to a savings of more $550,000 for the year). Said Steve Stanczak, director of human resources and labor relations at the City, “Our move to Navitus has been everything we were promised and more – the transition was seamless and the cost results speak for themselves.”

Masters Gallery Foods has seen a 22 percent decline in its pharmacy spend thus far in 2019 (compared to 2018), which is projected to save the company $307,200 for the full year. “We have been very pleased with the switch to Navitus. To be able to take advantage of the Navitus arrangement via a standalone membership in BHCG has been a great pharmacy solution for our company,” said Tammy Flora, vice president – human resources.

Other BHCG member employers who made the transition to Navitus in January have yet to report their results, but anecdotally, they also report the selection of Navitus has been a resounding success!

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