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The Catalyst

Did You Know…? August 2018

BHCG to add another consumer communications campaign focused on change management

Working with Engagement Solutions, a consulting division of UnitedHealthcare, BHCG will add a third communications campaign, exclusively for member employers. The campaign, available soon, focuses on change management fundamentals. Communication is the key to effectively manage change.

This campaign, using the same multi-channel media approach as the other campaigns, identifies key messaging and tips to gain buy-in from employees and dependents when employers introduce new plans, new networks or change benefits. It also includes strategies and tools to enlist key leader sponsorship within an organization – the number one factor for success in managing change.

The newest campaign joins two others that were made available to member employers, at no cost, late last year. The initial campaigns focused on two objectives:

  • Increasing utilization of Premium® Care physicians in the Premium designation program
  • Educating employees how to effectively use Premium Tier 1 providers within their medical plan benefit

For more information about these communications campaigns and how to access them, please contact Jennifer LaMere, at 262-875-3312 X3 or at

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