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Strong Navitus Savings Results Continue Year-Over-Year

Navitus Health Solutions, BHCG’s best in class strategic partner for pharmacy benefit management since 2019, has continued to produce substantial savings for member employers using its administrative fee-only model, featuring complete transparency, unbiased formulary recommendations, lowest net cost and stellar service for participants.

Recently Navitus summarized these savings for both BHCG member employers and clients nationwide. Some highlights include:

  • BHCG member employers achieved a Per Member Per Month (PMPM) cost of $76 in Q1 of 2020, significantly lower than the industry average of $93 PMPM
  • Overall, clients experience sustained, long-term savings, including PMPM costs lower than the industry average, year after year: One BHCG member employer achieved savings of $602,412 in its first year with Navitus and $712,129 in its second year, for a two-year cumulative savings of $1,314,544
  • Navitus’ net cost PMPM saved clients 12-15 percent year-over-year compared to the industry average for the last five years, resulting in cumulative savings of $61.44 PMPM

Employers or their advisors interested in learning more about Navitus and the savings they can generate should contact Jeffrey Kluever at or 262-875-3312 x1.

Informed Decision-Making Partner Provides Impactful Results through Q3 of 2021

Best Doctors (now a part of Teladoc), BHCG’s informed decision-making vendor, offers a real solution for the problem of medical uncertainty for the most complex, critical and costly cases. Teladoc provides BHCG member employers’ employees and their dependents peace of mind when navigating a complex health care marketplace.

Through the third quarter of 2021, highlights of Teladoc’s performance for BHCG include:

  • 95 percent of respondents gave Teladoc the highest customer satisfaction rating possible
  • 48 percent of Clinical Outcome cases resulted in a change of diagnosis and 77 percent resulted in a change in treatment recommendations
  • Member employers saved nearly $1,600,000 as a result of Teladoc interventions with employees and dependents

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