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The Catalyst

BHCG-Centivo High-Performance Health Plan Membership Increases as Results Demonstrate the Value of Plan Participation

BHCG Centivo PartnershipSince its inception on January 1, 2022, the BHCG-Centivo high-performance, primary care-centered health plan solution has gained considerable traction in the marketplace. Growth, both in terms of member employers adopting the plan and employee enrollment, has increased significantly.

Membership Growth

In its inaugural year of 2022, employers representing a significant number of employees joined the high- performance health plan offering. Effective January 1, 2023, more employers – seeing the results* from early adopters – joined the plan. Specifically, the number of member employers increased 150 percent. In 2024, member employer participation in the health plan is projected to increase 113 percent.

*BHCG-Centivo High Performance Health Plan Solution Results for 2022:

  • Total medical spending 20-35% below benchmark of typical large employer plans
  • Primary care visits up 35%
  • Specialist visits up 15%
  • ER use down 17%
  • Inpatient admissions down 8%

New Member Employers as of 1/1/24

We welcome the following employers to BHCG as of January 1, 2024:

  • North Shore Healthcare
  • Stein Garden Centers, Inc.
  • FAIT Distribution
  • Holz Motors, Inc.
  • Chortek LLP
  • Andrew Motors
  • Burton & Mayer, Inc.
  • Richmond School District
  • Swallow School District
  • Merton Community School District
  • Edge Electric
  • Uptown Motors
  • 5 Point Fabrication
  • Vermeer Wisconsin

As the provider network continues to expand throughout Wisconsin and strong results continue, additional employers have already committed to join us throughout 2024, further driving the substantial growth of this unique health plan offering.

Consider joining the ever-growing number of employers discovering the many benefits of the high-performance health plan solution offered by BHCG and Centivo. For more information, contact Jeffrey Kluever at 262-875-3312 or

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