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The Catalyst

Did You Know…? December 2018

Best Doctors per member per month fees are reduced for 2019

Best Doctors, BHCG’s informed decision-making vendor since 2012, offers a real solution for the problem of medical uncertainty for the most complex, critical and costly cases. Best Doctors connects employees and dependents facing medical uncertainty with more than 50,000 world-renowned medical experts across 450 specialties and sub-specialties. BHCG member employers have access to an extensive portfolio of employer solutions provided by Best Doctors at preferred rates.

Beginning in 2019, the preferred Per Member Per Month (PMPM) rate for a set of six core services will be reduced due to an increase in the number of BHCG member employer participants. The rate for these core services will drop to $1.87 PMPM, a drop of 6.5 percent.

Best Doctors is an invaluable solution employers can offer employees and their dependents when they need assistance navigating a complex health care marketplace.

Reminder – BHCG membership fees for 2019 are due by January 15

BHCG membership fee notices for 2019 were mailed to you in November and are due by January 15. If you have questions, please contact Joleen Hohl at 262-875-3312 X2 or

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