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Keith Nosbusch, chairman of Rockwell Automation, Inc. at the 2016 Business Health Care Group Annual Meeting accepts the Group’s Driving Meaningful Change Award on behalf of the organization’s executive leadership.

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Walking in Unison

As a membership organization of large and small employers, BHCG's goal is to support a market-driven health care delivery system in southeast Wisconsin. A system where educated consumers would make choices using reliable information about the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care they select. Providers would compete to meet patient needs by delivering value—quality care at the best cost.

The current market lacks several factors to make a market-driven approach work, including consumer education and guidance, information transparency, consolidated purchasing power and accountability by all parties.

We believe that health care consumers, providers and employers all have individual accountability within the health care system. Explore the web site to find out how we work with each of these stakeholders to bring about real change in southeast Wisconsin.

The Business Health Care Group offers member employers a comprehensive health care strategy. When we stand together we can achieve a competitive market, resulting in reduced costs and improved health care outcomes.

- Jeffrey Kluever
Executive Director