We are always on the lookout for the companies and services that might be of interest to our member employers. Here are several services and programs for which preferred pricing is available:

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Employee Benefits Communications

The importance of effective employee benefit communication has never been greater. With constantly changing benefit plans, the widespread use of high deductible, consumer directed health plans and the desire by employers to make their employee’s better consumers of health care, communication is critical. Effective benefit communication can help to achieve employee buy-in on benefits and encourage appropriate utilization.

The Write Source offers employers an efficient and effective way to communicate important benefit information and distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Using significant benefits and communication experience and expertise, The Write Source:

  • Creates a strategic communications plan that aligns with organizational strategies to engage employees and increase employee satisfaction
  • Builds awareness and appreciation of benefits through consumer-oriented communications
  • Brings a fresh perspective that transforms technical benefit jargon into interesting information that people will actually read and remember
  • Increases the productivity of HR staff and provides additional resources and communications expertise

For more information about The Write Source’s benefit communications services, please contact Mary Rode at: 262-646-4242 or at mary@thewritesourcegroup.com. You can visit The Write Source web site at: www.thewritesourcegroup.com.

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Best Doctors

The Informed Decision Making (IDM) initiative was implemented by BHCG to:

  • Improve treatment outcomes and reduce the number of unnecessary and excessively invasive procedures
  • Encourage consumers to make health care purchases on an informed basis and based on value (cost and quality)

Best Doctors, BHCG’s informed decision-making vendor since 2012, offers a real solution for the problem of medical uncertainty for the most complex, critical and costly cases. Best Doctors connects employees and dependents facing medical uncertainty with more than 50,000 world-renowned medical experts across 450 specialties and sub-specialties. BHCG member employers have access to an extensive portfolio of employer solutions provided by Best Doctors at preferred rates.

Founded in 1989 by doctors affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Best Doctors helps individuals and their treating physicians make sure they have the right diagnosis and the right treatment plan. Best Doctors offers a decision support service that provides an expert medical consultation when employees and their dependents are faced with a significant medical decision.  The whole process takes place over the phone, so members can call in the privacy of their own home.

More than a traditional second opinion, Best Doctors delivers a comprehensive evaluation of a member’s medical condition while promoting consumerism, reducing unnecessary utilization and yielding better outcomes. The program:

  • Provides clinical support to members and their families regarding complex medical issues including second opinion/diagnosis confirmation assistance
  • Educates consumers on procedural benefits/risks, treatment alternatives, preparation for physician discussions, pre- and post-surgical activities to improve recovery and avoid complications
  • Connects employees and their families with the right health care support and treatment plan

For more information, visit the Best Doctors website or contact Jennifer LaMere at 262-875-3312 ext. 3 or jlamere@BHCGWI.org 

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Navitus is a transformative pharmacy benefit management partner for our member employers. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Wisconsin, Navitus serves over 5.5 million members throughout the United States, utilizing a business model based on complete transparency and lowest net cost. As a full pass-through pharmacy benefit solution, Navitus gives clients 100 percent of all rebates and any other revenue received from pharma manufacturers and pharmacies (their only revenue stream comes in the form of administrative per member per month fees).

This unique solution to pharmacy benefit management combines financial performance, demonstrated service and clinical excellence with a business model that aligns incentives with the best interests of our member employers. Learn more about the BHCG-Navitus partnership and an executive summary of meetings introducing the partnership to the employer and broker/consultant community.

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Working with Engagement Solutions, a consulting division of UnitedHealthcare, BHCG has developed coordinated consumer communications campaigns for member employers to select, customize as needed and deploy. The initial campaigns will focus on two objectives: increasing utilization of Premium® Care physicians in the UnitedHealth Premium designation program and; educating employees how to effectively use Tier 1 providers within their medical plan benefit.

Multi-channel media components of the marketing campaign include:

  • Videos
  • Print materials/targeted mailers
  • Emails
  • A microsite
  • Intranet content

Engagement Solutions has also developed change management resources available exclusively to member employers. These resources can help employers manage changes throughout their organization. Numerous tools are available to allow employers to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals to successfully manage health benefit changes, including specific messaging related to the Premium designation program and Tier 1 providers.

Employers desiring customized materials are afforded a BHCG-exclusive 30 percent discount off of Engagement Solutions’ standard pricing.

Learn more about the Premium Designation campaign.

Learn more about the Tier 1 campaign.

For additional information, please contact Jennifer LaMere at 262-875-3312 ext. 3 or jlamere@BHCGWI.org 

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