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Learning From Industry Experts and Each Other

Delivering Value Series Symposiums

The 2022 Delivering Value Series (DVS) consisted of seven symposiums. Attendees gained insights from BHCG’s best in class strategic partners and health care industry leaders to address the most pressing health care benefits issues today.

DVS symposiums included:

  • BHCG-Centivo High-Performance Health Plan Solution – An overview of Wisconsin’s first high-performance health plan solution designed to deliver quality, affordable health care to employees and their families. Attendees learned of the plan’s direct partnerships with leading health systems and provider groups to improve health care value and heard details about the plan’s exclusive provider networks which were effective January 1, 2022.
  • BHCG-GNS Healthcare Physician Value Study & WHIO Wisconsin Physician Value Report v2 – Results of the second Physician Value Study and Physician Value Report commissioned by BHCG and completed by GNS Healthcare and the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO). The Physician Value Study results were utilized in the development of provider networks for Centivo’s high-performance health plan solution.
  • Optimizing Your Onsite & Near-Site Clinic – Details about the new BHCG-Centivo solution developed for employers and vendors operating onsite or near-site clinics. Through the BHCG-Centivo high-performance health plan solution, employers with onsite or near-site clinics can refer patients for additional services to high value specialists throughout the state of Wisconsin.
  • Artemis by Nomi Health: The Future of Health Care Analytics and Employee Benefits – Insights into how employers are managing their benefits programs by leveraging advanced benefits analytics. Artemis by Nomi Health, BHCG’s most recent addition to its portfolio of best in class solutions, detailed how they are helping employers unlock the power of their benefits data and make data-driven decisions.
  • Hot Topics in Benefits Law: Roe v. Wade Overturned – Implications for Employers – A legal analysis of the effects of overturning of Roe v. Wade for employers and their group health plans.
  • Consolidated Appropriations Act Compliance – Insights into the new Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021’s impact on broker and consultant compensation rules. Plan sponsor fiduciary obligations and how the new rule changes ERISA requirements were explored.
  • Employers as Health Care Change Agents: The Time Is Now – Presentations from key influencers and stakeholders who are leading the charge for a more active role for employers in changing the health care landscape in Wisconsin and nationally and why strategic investors are betting on employer-focused solutions.

Judging by the feedback we received, the seven symposiums offered in 2022 achieved their stated goals. Attendees gained valuable insights into current, critical health care and benefits issues and how to address them.

Executive summaries along with presenters’ slides and audio recordings are available for all the 2022 DVS symposiums on the BHCG website.


Annual Meeting

Our 2022 Annual Meeting, entitled Health Care Reimagined, was held on June 15 at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee. The meeting focused on employer insights from both C-Suite representatives and human resource executives into Centivo’s high-performance, primary care-centered health plan solution designed to deliver quality, affordable health care in the state of Wisconsin.

The Paul Purcell Leading Change, Creating Value Award, was renamed in 2022 to posthumously honor Paul Purcell, former president, CEO and Chairman of Baird and a longtime member of BHCG’s CEO Committee who was instrumental in making BHCG’s mission a reality. Rodney Jones-Tyson, global chief human resources officer at Baird presented the award to Dr. John R. Raymond, Sr. President & CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin in recognition of his outstanding community leadership, clear and transparent communication and guidance during the challenging coronavirus pandemic.