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BHCG membership has its benefits. And medical plan administration from UnitedHealthcare is one of them.

The Business Health Care Group (BHCG) and UnitedHealthcare have joined forces to lead the next evolution of health care cost management – creating accountability for both providers and consumers of health care services.

BHCG’s purchasing power, robust CEO support and collaboration with leading strategic organizations, such as UnitedHealthcare form an influential platform that is at the forefront of efforts to improve the value of health care. UnitedHealthcare and BHCG seek a health care market where providers compete to meet patient needs by delivering care with the best outcomes and at the best cost. Patients are empowered to shop the health care system by utilizing transparency tools to gain information about benefits, health care prices, and the performance of individual providers.

BHCG member employers gain access to a variety of innovative member-only programs and resources designed to impact cost trends and boost consumer accountability and engagement when they enroll in UnitedHealthcare for health insurance. A few of these programs and resources include:

UnitedHealthcare Choice Advanced

Choice Advanced is an open-access health plan that encourages UnitedHealthcare members to seek health care from providers and facilities that have been identified through the UnitedHealth Premium® designation program as providing the highest level of coverage at lower costs. Members have the opportunity to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses without compromising the quality of care they receive.  Learn More.

Specialty Implementation Credits

Enrolling in specialty coverage just got easier. Simply purchase medical coverage as a BHCG member employer with UnitedHealthcare and then add one, two, three or more lines of fully insured, employer-sponsored specialty coverage and see your savings add up with a one-time specialty implementation credit. The credits are based on the final medical enrollment and are applied to the employer’s billing statement. Available to self-funded and fully insured employers with 2-1,000 employees.  Learn More.

Virtual Health Plan

UnitedHealthcare's Virtual Health Plan uses a valuable reporting and analysis tool to monitor health plan performance across BHCG members, providing a continuous health care cost action plan. The Virtual Health Plan and its professional team, made up of a Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Health Analytics Consultant, identify health plan cost drivers and develop solutions to keep health plans moving forward on an improvement path.  Learn More.


BHCG member employers are offered a dedicated customer service unit and an enhanced customer service model. The one-stop advocacy resource, Advocate4Me is offered to UnitedHealthcare members as a single point of contact for all customer service and clinical questions. Support from an Advocate is provided for questions pertaining to medical benefits, claims, pharmacy, financial, behavioral, clinical, incentives, health education, provider research, appointment scheduling, treatment cost estimation, and much more. Learn More.  View Video.

Find out what additional programs and resources are available to BHCG members with UnitedHealthcare health insurance. Visit the UnitedHealthcare and BHCG Partnership* website.

Virtual Visits

UnitedHealthcare members have access to health care 24 hours a day with Virtual Visits. Accessible using a mobile device, tablet or computer, non-emergency medical concerns can be addressed in about 10-15 minutes without an appointment and prescriptions can be written if needed. Learn More.

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation’s (UHCCF) stated mission is to, “improve children’s lives and help families gain access to the care they need through medical grants ." UHCCF, founded in 1999, provides medical grants to help children gain access to health-related services not covered, or not fully covered, by their family’s commercial health insurance plan. They do not need to have insurance through UnitedHealthcare to be eligible.

For more information about getting involved in fundraising activities or learning how an employee can apply for a grant, please visit the UHCCF website.

For more information

As a member of BHCG, you have access to competitively-priced health insurance plans for your employees. Contact Jeff Kluever from the Business Health Care Group at to learn more.

*UnitedHealthcare and the Business Health Care Group (BHCG) are not part of a legal partnership and are separate legal entities that are not responsible for each other’s financial or legal obligations.