Partners in Accountable, Quality Health Care

Business Health Care Group Lady

BHCG’s goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system in eastern Wisconsin while making sure that consumers have accurate information to make informed health care choices. We believe that the only way to achieve that goal is to work in a close, collaborative partnership with local health care providers, employers and consumers.

What We Believe

Health care providers are accountable for the quality of care delivered, compliance with best practice, appropriate resource utilization, controlling cost structures, prospective pricing and support for information transparency.

What We Do

BHCG works closely with UnitedHealthcare to employ a network philosophy that positions quality first and rewards those providers delivering the best value - a combination of quality and cost. We focus on total cost of care and empower consumers with information transparency to drive their decisions, maximizing steerage opportunities to those providers delivering the best value.

We believe in a balanced approach that places equal emphasis on consumers to improve their health and health care purchasing decisions and providers to improve the value of the care they deliver. Consumers are empowered to shop the health care system with transparent information on benefits, health care prices and the performance of individual providers. Physicians are assessed on nationally accepted quality metrics and local market total cost of care.