September 2016

The Value of Membership

A periodic feature highlighting the value of BHCG membership

UnitedHealthcare Collaboration - a Powerful Alliance

Although not a requirement of being a BHCG member, the collaboration with UnitedHealthcare gives member employers the option to tap into the advantages of a single administrator strategy with a collective market force of over half a million lives impacting the market - and the synergy of employer-driven innovation. Consider these benefits:

  • A broad network with competitive provider discounts - regionally and nationwide
  • A network solution for national employers
  • The UnitedHealth Premium® Designation Program - quality and cost efficiency information transparency and exclusive access to tiered benefit products to drive utilization to high value providers
  • A BHCG-dedicated and enhanced customer service - regionally-based single point of contact customer service and designated clinical team
  • Market leading, innovative consumer engagement tools and resources
  • Preferred pricing, credits and performance guarantees
  • Vendor management and administrative oversight
  • Exclusive access to innovative programs and solutions

For more information on the considerable benefits of joining the BHCG, please contact Jeff Kluever at 414-433-4719 or


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