July 2016

Tier 1 Subcommittee Kicks-Off with First Meeting

The Business Health Care Group has always relied on member employer representatives to provide us with leadership and guidance by serving on various committees and subcommittees.  The committees also serve as forums where employers can share best practices and learn from industry experts.

As reported in the June edition, the newest subcommittee to form is the Tier 1 Subcommittee.  The Tier 1 Subcommittee is designed to provide member employers with information to take full advantage of the BHCG’s exclusive access to UnitedHealthcare’s Premium Designation program – designed to motivate members to utilize Tier 1-designated physicians who meet the standards for both quality and cost efficiency.

The Tier 1 Subcommittee met for the first time in June to hear from Carol Carlson, vice president of health measurement at UnitedHealthcare.  Ms. Carlson provided the Subcommittee with details about:

  • How the program works – including its philosophical underpinnings and how physicians are designated 
  • The number of physician specialties – 27, including primary care physicians and specialists
  • The scope of the program nationally – 163 markets and 43 states; covering 80 percent of medical costs
  • The estimated program savings nationally with a detailed look at the experience and results of one Milwaukee employer.

Topics for upcoming meetings, being scheduled now, will include: the impact of and options for plan design steerage; and best practices sharing from member employers currently using the Premium Designation program.  BHCG employers using UnitedHealthcare’s network are invited to attend along with their brokers/agents/consultants.

For more information about upcoming meetings, please contact Joleen Hohl at the BHCG at 414-858-2311 or at jhohl@businesshealthcaregroup.org.

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