December 2016

The Value of Membership

A periodic feature highlighting the value of BHCG membership

Preferred Pricing, Credits and Performance Guarantees with UnitedHealthCare

Membership in the Business Health Care Group (BHCG) provides access to comprehensive, innovative administrative services and programs. Through BHCG’s administrative services agreement with UnitedHealthcare, employers can be assured of competitive pricing and performance. These preferred pricing, credits and performance guarantees include:

  • Administrative fee savings – specific underwriting consideration for administrative pricing to ensure the best possible rates
  • BHCG growth credits – fee credits for members as BHCG membership increases
  • Transition credits – fee credits to offset costs for members making the move to UnitedHealthcare
  • Partnership credits upon renewal
  • Administrator-funded audit credits – tied to implementation, financial, claims and clinical audits
  • Specialty product credits
  • Medical administrative partner clinical and pharmacy performance guarantees
  • Flock™ HR management solution – exclusive pricing on this all-in-one platform to effectively manage HR, benefits and compliance – including ACA reporting

For more information on the considerable benefits of joining the BHCG, please contact Jeff Kluever at 262-875-3312 X1 or


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