Working with Engagement Solutions BHCG has developed an online library of communications materials for member employers to exclusively utilize. Two consumer communications campaigns have been developed - one focused on increasing utilization of Premium® Care physicians in the UnitedHealth Premium designation program and a second focused educating employees how to effectively use Tier 1 providers within their medical plan benefit.

Multi-channel media components of the marketing campaigns include:

  • Videos
  • Print materials/targeted mailers
  • Emails
  • A microsite
  • Intranet content

Learn more about the Premium Designation campaign for UnitedHealthcare and UMR customers

Learn More about the Tier 1 campaign for UnitedHealthcare and UMR customers

Engagement Solutions has also developed:

  • Change management resources available exclusively to member employers. These resources can help employers manage changes throughout their organization, including transforming employees into more active, knowledgeable consumers of health care. Also included is sample messaging for senior leaders, managers and employees for introducing the Premium designation and Tier 1 programs.
  • A campaign to help member employers encourage employees to establish a relationship with a primary care provider

Employers desiring customized materials are afforded a BHCG-exclusive 30 percent discount off of Engagement Solutions’ standard pricing.