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The Business Health Care Group’s (BHCG) Annual Meeting held on October 26 featured a lively keynote address by Katrina Cravy, former consumer reporter for Fox6 News Milwaukee.  Recently, Cravy mentioned her address and experience at the Annual Meeting in her blog entitled “What Are You Not Telling the Boss?” and hit upon an important factor of the BHCG’s success – good ideas need to be shared.

Employer-led innovation is not possible without the sharing of ideas through the many networking opportunities offered to employers through BHCG membership. From the CEO level on down, collaboration has always produced a better mousetrap.

BHCG employers regularly share best practices, strategies and lessons learned through monthly Benefits Subcommittee meetings and other regular meetings and strategy sessions. Educational events and seminars allow members to hear from experts in the industry and discuss mutual issues and solutions with each other.

As Cravy points out in her blog – sometimes fear holds us back from relaying our ideas. BHCG membership provides a forum that promotes a free exchange of ideas that lead to innovation. Says Cravy, “Who knows what wonderful ideas are waiting to change our world but are hiding behind a little fear? What’s holding you back?”