UnitedHealthcare Partnership Update

Featuring news and information about our new administrative partner, effective January 1, 2016

Customizable UnitedHealthcare Employee Communication Documents Now Available on Web2Print

As reported in recent editions of The Catalyst, the BHCG and its communications partner, The Write Source, have been working with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) to develop an effective package of materials employers can utilize to communicate the new programs related to the move to UHC effective January 1, 2016.

In addition to the development of the UHC Communications Toolkit which we discussed in the August edition of The Catalyst, we now have a new way you can readily and conveniently access customizable employee communications pieces describing the new products and services available from UnitedHealthcare.

The BHCG “Web2Print” site can be accessed directly from a link at the top of the BHCG website. It contains more than a dozen documents developed by UHC on topics such as the Premium Designation Tier 1 Program, myuhc.com, the OptumRx® pharmacy program and Advocate4Me customer service. Once on the Web2Print site, you will find them in a folder called, UnitedHealthcare Employee Communications. The new UHC documents are in addition to a variety of other documents that continue to be available on the Web2Print site.

The documents, designed in a variety of formats including flyers, brochures, payroll stuffers and posters, include customizable fields for adding your organization’s logo and/or specific benefit plan details to create co-pay, deductible and out-of-pocket limit examples. You can fulfill production (print, assemble and mail) directly from the site or download a PDF of your custom document and print it yourself.

In the next several weeks, we also plan to post a link on Web2Print to the UHC Communications Toolkit.

If you haven’t registered for the Web2Print site, please contact Joleen Hohl at 414-858-2311, ext. 2 or jhohl@businesshealthcaregroup.org.

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