UnitedHealthcare Partnership Update

Featuring news and information about our new administrative partner, effective January 1, 2016

With the move to UnitedHealthcare effective January 1, 2016, there will be considerable news and information the BHCG will want to share with member employers, their advisors, providers and our strategic partners. This column will provide a forum for the dissemination of this information.

Employee Benefits Communication Support for UHC Transition

Employee/member communication, education and engagement play a critical role in a successful transition to the new BHCG/UnitedHealthcare plan for 2016. Both the BHCG and UHC are looking to support BHCG employer member’s communication plans with regard to the transition.

For many employers, the consumer tools found on the myuhc.com website and the UnitedHealthcare tiered benefit strategy represent a culture change and an opportunity to educate and promote consumerism among employees and dependents. The BHCG understands consumer engagement is key to driving improved health care decision-making in the new BHCG/UHC offering.

To that end, the BHCG, its communications partner, The Write Source, and UHC have held a series of discussions, meetings and interviews with employer members to determine what communication gaps may exist and what types of communications can be developed to meet needs and in what format. As a result of this development process, several areas of communication support were identified:

  • A communication strategy based on best practices
  • A complete list of available UHC communication materials
  • Consumer-friendly education regarding program components
  • Engaging multi-media communication
  • Year-round communication to engage and support
  • General health consumerism messaging
  • Information on designated UHC customer service

Currently, critical support for employee benefits communication is being developed in the following areas:

  • Open enrollment materials – A complete list of open enrollment materials, some of which may be branded/customized by employers for use with employer open enrollment communication strategies. In addition a UHC pre-enrollment consumer website will be made available for health plan members to review during open enrollment so that they can access provider listings/premium designations and other program components and resources.
  • Premium designation materials – Consumer-friendly materials that can be branded/customized by the employer that will help communicate the value proposition of the UHC premium designation program and how to use it.
  • Communications strategy calendar – A UHC communications calendar with links to suggested multi-media employee communications materials for use with employees throughout the year. Materials support employee use of the plan and its components, health and wellness and health care decisions. Employers will work with their UHC Field Account Managers to customize the calendar for their populations.

In addition, revised BHCG employee communication materials and employer member materials will be available for review and downloading/production on the BHCG Web2Print section on the BHCG website.

Support is also available for employers who may need assistance with a customized strategy for change/transition communications, year-round communication and open enrollment information through The Write Source at preferred rates for BHCG employer members (info@thewritesourcegroup.com / 262-646-4242).

Watch for more information about communication support as it becomes available. Please contact BHCG if you have questions or suggestions.

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