by Geoffrey Schick
Looking Forward to the Challenge
the Executive Director Report

I am honored and pleased to be addressing you in this, my first Executive Director Report. I would like to begin by thanking my esteemed predecessor, Dianne Kiehl, for the foundation she help to lay for the Business Health Care Group’s success. Her hard work and commitment helped bring us to where we are today. I also want to thank her for the many hours she spent with me to share her knowledge and expertise as I prepared to fill some rather large shoes.

I have met many of our current employer members, providers and partners and have been grateful for their warm reception. Rest assured, I feel the trust you have placed in me to move forward seamlessly in our efforts to improve health care value in our market.

One of the more pleasant surprises I have received so far has been the number of familiar faces that are still in the BHCG or actively working with us toward improvements. I was involved with the BHCG more than a decade ago as an executive steering committee member representing DaimlerChrysler Corporation (more information about my background can be found here). It’s good to reconnect with those relationships and join forces again!

I am impressed with the number of organizations and individuals interested in learning more about the BHCG or partnering with us. It is our plan to be responsive to these inquiries, while at the same time keeping our members as our priority.

We are focused on communicating with existing members regarding the new 2016 partnership with UnitedHealthcare and responding to inquiries from employers, brokers and consultants who wish to know more about the BHCG and whether it’s a solution for their needs. Currently, we are collaborating with Humana in support of our 2015 program and delivering results to members for this year, while positioning the new partnership with UnitedHealthcare for future success.

The philosophical match between the BHCG and UnitedHealthcare was a primary driver for the decision to form the partnership – both organizations see the need for a balanced approach in terms of seeking solutions. We must work with: providers to ensure high quality services are available within our region; consumers to help them understand the value in seeking out those services that have demonstrably better outcomes; and employers to support them in creating an environment that rewards both parties for doing their parts.

I consider one of my biggest challenges to be ensuring existing relationships and communication stay strong while remaining responsive to new opportunities. It’s an exciting time for the BHCG with an abundance of opportunities for our members and partners. Working in clinical research and innovation for the past ten years gave me a keen appreciation for the very innovative ideas, concepts and products that will transform health care. I look forward to seeing what technology shall bring into our world of health care benefits and how it can provide for improved value for us all.

I believe a key element of the organization’s success thus far is the fact that the BHCG has steadfastly remained firm in its goal of creating a unified group that moves together to effect change. The success of the BHCG over the past decade – after 2014 results we have saved our members a total of more than $1 billion since 2005 – is due to the membership remaining active and unified in its voice. We have never required any employer to enact our recommendations or tactics and that will not change, but those who have participated, have surely reaped the benefits. I am eager to work with all of you to explore new opportunities and enact creative solutions to our challenges.

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