by Dianne Kiehl
Moving to UnitedHealthcare
the Executive Director Report

By now you have probably heard or read about the Business Health Care Group’s selection of UnitedHealthcare as our administrative partner effective January 1, 2016.  Over the past decade the BHCG has had remarkable success in mitigating health care cost increases for our member employers and for southeast Wisconsin as a whole.  In order to sustain that success, the leadership of our group has periodically assessed our strategic direction in light of our members’ needs and the ever-changing health care landscape.  That assessment has led us to make the decision to move to UnitedHealthcare, an administrative partner in strategic alignment with our organization.  We are excited about the opportunities this relationship can provide to help us continue to drive meaningful change in our market.

The leadership of the BHCG believes the selection of UnitedHealthcare is a great step forward for our organization.  However, with this change there is a great deal of work to do and information to communicate between now and January 1, 2016 when our employer groups begin to take advantage of this new partnership.  Beginning with this edition of The Catalyst, we will be initiating a new column, UnitedHealthcare Partnership Update.  This column will bring you updates on the partnership and feature some of the benefits and programs offered by UnitedHealthcare.

Presently I am working with UnitedHealthcare executives to finalize the partnership agreement between our two organizations.  This agreement will spell out all the parameters of the relationship including fees and performance guarantees.   Each employer, in turn, will have their own agreement with UnitedHealthcare which will govern their individual relationship.

I am also meeting with all our self-funded employers and their advisors about the switch to UnitedHealthcare.  My goal in these meetings is to answer any questions they may have and begin the planning process to make the move to UnitedHealthcare in January of 2016. So far these meetings have been very positive.  I am confident the vast majority of our self-funded employers will make the switch to UnitedHealthcare – and other employers will join us to participate in this unique program.

I want to thank all the employers and their representatives who have provided guidance as we went through the process of defining our strategy and selecting an administrator aligned with that strategy.  I couldn’t be more confident of our strategic direction and the administrator we have chosen and look forward to the BHCG’s continuing success in the coming years.   


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