Dianne Kiehl
The Price Is Right – or Is It?
The BHCG Annual Meeting

Like many of you who try to make the most of your time in a busy day, I have a tendency to multi-task. I will admit – as I’m sure a number of you might – when attending a meeting with a less than engaging speaker who repeats things I have heard before, I have been known to check my emails. However, if you attend our Annual Meeting this year, scheduled for September 30, I can guarantee you won’t be multi-taking during the keynote address of Dr. David B. Nash. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Nash speak at a conference last year and was thoroughly engrossed – let me assure you, I never even glanced at my phone!

Dr. Nash is the founding dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Repeatedly named to Modern Healthcare’s list of Most Powerful Persons in Healthcare, Dr. Nash, is a renowned and nationally recognized speaker. Through publications, public appearances, his “Nash on the Road” blog, and an online column on MedPage Today, Dr. Nash reaches more than 100,000 persons every month.

Dr. Nash’s keynote for our meeting, Buying Value in Health Care, is an extremely timely topic given the current state of health care in our country. Employers are not getting enough value from the health care system today. One striking statistic: It is estimated that medical error is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States – and we are all paying for it!

Much of health care reform is pushing us toward population-based medicine, but what does this mean for employers, and how do we embrace the move from volume to value? Employers must take the lead and drive this change to buy based on value rather than volume – no one else will.

As BHCG has maintained since its formation, no one employer is large enough or has the resources to go it alone, but a coalition of employers working in unison and speaking with one voice can make a difference. Dr. Nash will address head-on the issue of value in health care with a powerful and enlightening presentation, sharing his insights about how employers and employer coalitions can and should take the initiative to move from volume to value purchasing.

The BHCG will also be presenting its third annual Driving Meaningful Change Award and recognizing our top producing brokers/consultants and sponsoring organizations.

This is a complimentary program, but space is limited, so please register today and join me for what will be an engaging and informative morning. I promise you, you won’t be multi-tasking!


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