Moving up the QualityPath™ — an update

In the August 2013 edition of The Catalyst we introduced the QualityPath initiative, a collaboration with The Alliance, the business coalition in Madison. QualityPath™ is designed to identify health care providers who deliver value – high quality at a reasonable price. Patterned after a centers/physicians of excellence approach, the initiative aims to identify hospitals and physicians as centers of value that – when working together – meet defined, proven standards for delivering quality care for certain procedures. Much has transpired since we first reported on this initiative.

More than a dozen hospitals and their associated physicians have applied to become QualityPath designated providers. QualityPath measures providers’ ability to use evidence-based practices that help lead to better results for patients.

Participating hospitals and physicians will be announced in September 2014. Providers apply separately for each of the three QualityPath procedures: hip replacement, knee replacement and coronary artery bypass graft (CABG).

Choosing better care

QualityPath will empower patients to ask questions, share decisions and understand the cost of care by:

  • Providing information and resources that encourage patients to shop for better care
  • Requiring the use of shared decision-making, which means caregivers work with patients to clarify the right approach based on the patient’s needs and preferences
  • Encouraging use of known high quality providers to improve outcomes and reduce complications
  • Offering information that help patients understand the benefits of choosing a QualityPath provider

Employers can begin using QualityPath materials to introduce the program to employees and family members in October 2014.

Moving the market

Although QualityPath has not officially launched, it is already changing health care in Wisconsin. According to early reports from physicians and groups that measure health care quality, QualityPath has:

  • Increased participation in “registries” that share and compare quality data about specific procedures
  • Motivated physicians and hospitals to accelerate plans to introduce shared decision-making
  • Demonstrated that employers are willing to identify processes for employees and family members to choose facilities and doctors that offer high quality care at a fair price
The QualityPath initiative will help employees understand the best health care is found not by chance, but by choice.  Look for more information about this initiative in the coming months.

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