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A doctor visit on your smart phone??? The future is now.

Humana has begun an eVisit pilot with 16 primary care providers (PCP) in the Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group that will bring your PCP to you. 

The term ‘telehealth’ covers numerous technologies that connect health care services. An eVisit is a form of telehealth that occurs between you and your PCP utilizing any PC, tablet, or smart phone that has webcam ability. Similar to communicating with friends and family via ‘Facetime’ or ‘Skype,’ the Humana eVisit uses a HIPPA secure web site (MDLive) that allows you to have real-time interaction with your PCP.

eVisits can be used for several minor illnesses such as a sore throat, cold or flu, sinus infections, allergies, and many others. Instead of seeing a stranger at an urgent care /minute clinic, finding a sitter for the kids, taking time off work, or having to get in the car and travel to your doctor’s office, members with participating providers can schedule an eVisit for a particular time and just log on from anywhere they choose. Members are encouraged to create an account/register and complete their profile through the secure web portal ahead of time so they can easily schedule eVisits with their PCP when the need arises. What are thebenefits of being treated by your PCP for these minor illnesses, rather than a stranger at an urgent care clinic? You reduce your risk of medication interactions, unnecessary testing, and many other adverse reactions because your PCP knows all about you and your health. You can’t beat the convenience with eVisits.

While the current pilot is only for adult ‘acute care’ for minor illness, we are looking to a future that will expand eVisits to all areas of primary care. Participating pilot providers are located throughout the BHCG 11-county service area, so the next time you call a provider for appointments for a minor illness, ask if they are a Humana-Wheaton eVisit pilot clinic and experience the future now.

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