The Price Is Right – or Is It?
The BHCG Annual Meeting
Dianne Kiehl

Like many of you who try to make the most of your time in a busy day, I have a tendency to multi-task. I will admit – as I’m sure a number of you might – when attending a meeting with a less than engaging speaker who repeats things I have heard before, I have been known to check my emails. However, if you attend our Annual Meeting this year, scheduled for September 30, I can guarantee you won’t be multi-taking during the keynote address of Dr. David B. Nash. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Nash speak at a conference last year and was thoroughly engrossed – let me assure you, I never even glanced at my phone. Read More

Upcoming events of interest

Three events, scheduled for the next several months, should be of interest to our readers. On September 25, the Wellness Council’s 24th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference will be held at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. Read More

Moving up the QualityPath™ — an update

In the August 2013 edition of The Catalyst we introduced the QualityPath initiative, a collaboration with The Alliance, the business coalition in Madison. QualityPath™ is designed to identify health care providers who deliver value – high quality at a reasonable price. Patterned after a centers/physicians of excellence approach, the initiative aims to identify hospitals and physicians as centers of value that – when working together – meet defined, proven standards for delivering quality care for certain procedures. Much has transpired since we first reported on this initiative. For an update, Read More

Measuring our success

Humana PlanCompass report highlights Read More

Did you know?

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Membership Minute

In this edition of the Membership Minute we report on our updated membership numbers and welcome new employer groups who joined us in June and July. Read More

Humana Happenings

A periodic feature highlighting news and information about our administrative partner, Humana.

A doctor visit on your smart phone??? The future is now. Read More