Membership Minute

In this edition of the Membership Minute we provide information about our 2014 fees and a recent membership event, report on our updated membership numbers and welcome new employer groups who joined us in August and September.

Fees for BHCG employers set for 2014
You should have received a letter earlier this month concerning BHCG membership fees for 2014. The annual membership fee will be $15.00 per eligible employee.

We believe the BHCG has done a remarkable job holding membership fees to the rate of general inflation. Due to better than expected revenue in the early years, the BHCG built a substantial reserve. This reserve was used to hold fees relatively stable over the years and in several years actually allowed us to reduce the fees. That reserve has now been reduced to a maintenance level. When the BHCG was formed in 2003, the initial membership fee was $11.15. This translates into an average increase of slightly more than three percent per year since our inception.

Invoices will be mailed out by November 30 and payment is due January 31, 2014. We look forward to your continued participation in our organization. If you have any questions about your fees, please contact Dianne Kiehl at

Another successful BHCG event, “Should an employer-sponsored clinic be part of your benefits strategy?” held September 11
This question and many others were answered at a half-day event sponsored by the Business Health Care Group and the National Association of Worksite Health Centers. Held at Briggs & Stratton from 7:30-12:30 on Wednesday, September 11, attendees learned about the potential value of offering onsite or nearsite health care to improve employee health and lower costs. An executive summary of the event along with slides from presenters are available for review.

Updated membership numbers
As of September 30, 2013, enrollment in the Humana Preferred (BHCG) network stood at 106,174. The total number of employers participating in the BHCG as of September 30 is 1,149.

New Member Welcome
The BHCG is pleased to welcome the following employers that joined us in August and September 2013:

  • Aries Industries, Inc.
  • Carmen High School of Science and Technology
  • Cool Runnings, LTD
  • Fi-Med Management, Inc.
  • G & G Specialized Carriers, LLC
  • Max A. Sass & Sons, Inc.
  • Miller Electrical Enterprises, Inc.
  • Network Specialists
  • Nevs Ink, Inc.
  • Premier Plumbing, LLC
  • Racine Stamping Corp.
  • Thuemling Instrument Group
  • Unit Drop Forge, Inc.
  • Wisconsin Products, Inc.

A listing of employers currently participating in the BHCG can be found on the BHCG web site at: Member Directory

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