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BHCG’s value proposition in action – the CPAR process

Rigorous administrative oversight of Humana’s performance on behalf of BHCG member organizations is a hallmark of BHCG’s value proposition; it’s one of the many ways the BHCG and the Humana Preferred Network differentiates themselves in the marketplace. An integral part of this oversight is the Corrective and/or Preventive Action Requests process, known as CPAR.

When a member employer or plan member reports an administrative issue, immediate action is taken to address the issue and a comprehensive review process is initiated to determine the extent of the issue for BHCG membership. This results in early identification of issues and continuous quality improvement.

The CPAR process provides confidence to BHCG member organizations that administrative performance will remain high to minimize costly problems and customer service concerns. Early identification and resolution of issues also results in more efficient use of time for members’ benefits staff and their advisers. The CPAR process is also strengthened by your participation. BHCG encourages all member employers to report administrative issues so all members benefit.

The BHCG launches social media campaign

We recently updated our presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and launched a social media campaign that we hope will drive increased awareness of the BHCG as a thought leader with regard to issues involving health care for employers and employees. We will also use social media to regularly engage our members, potential members, brokers and consultants, strategic partners, sponsoring organizations, providers and the media using online forums.

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