BHCG partners with The Alliance to bring health care reform updates

Due to the complexity and frequent updates associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as the 2014 implementation of the law’s major provisions, many of you have requested that the BHCG provide you information about the ACA and how it will impact your health plan offerings. It is our goal to be a source of up-to date information employers can use to navigate these uncharted waters.  In addition to several initiatives and activities outlined below, the BHCG has now worked out a collaborative resource-sharing arrangement with The Alliance, the Madison-area business health care coalition, to bring you periodic ACA updates written by its health policy consultant, Melissa Duffy.  

Courtesy of The Alliance, the BHCG will post a link to periodic ACA updates – as well as archived ACA information and resources – to our web site.  We anticipate working out the details of this sharing arrangement in the next few weeks.  The link to the ACA updates will be displayed prominently on the BHCG web site. To read previous ACA updates on The Alliance site click here: The Alliance | ACA Updates.

In addition to working closely with The Alliance to provide you ACA information, the BHCG continues to provide additional resources and ACA information to our members.  On our web site, you’ll find a document prepared by the law firm, Quarles & Brady, concerning the “play or pay” provisions in the ACA.  Here’s the link: Health Care Reform Pay or Play Guide.

Additionally, each edition of BHCG’s Monitor newsletter, published three times a year, includes relevant and timely information on health care reform issues. Here are links to health care reform articles published in the Monitor in the past year:

This collaboration with The Alliance allows us to maximize our resources and avoid duplicative efforts, while sharing up-to-date ACA information with our members. If you have any suggestions about how our organization can further assist you as ACA implementation continues, please contact us at

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