BHCG marks tenth anniversary of driving meaningful change
From the Executive Director
by Dianne Kiehl

More than 10 years ago CEOs of several large Milwaukee area-based employers were growing increasingly frustrated with health care costs in southeast Wisconsin compared to other areas in the Midwest. “We knew that the health care costs we were paying in southeast Wisconsin were unsustainable,” recalls Frank Jaehnert, president and CEO of Brady Corporation. "We felt that a reduction in health care costs to a more competitive level while maintaining or improving the quality of care could only be beneficial for all of us living in southeast Wisconsin."BHCG 10th Anniversary logo

A study commissioned by the Greater Milwaukee Business Foundation on Health (GMBFH) confirmed what these CEOs already suspected – costs in southeast Wisconsin were indeed substantially higher. The study found that in 2003, health care costs in southeast Wisconsin were 39 percent above the Midwest average.

The CEOs realized that something needed to be done if our area was going to remain economically viable. They also understood it would take a number of employers speaking with one voice, with a common strategy, to impact the costs of health care in southeast Wisconsin. Ultimately, the Business Health Care Group (BHCG) was founded in 2003 by 11 corporations with headquarters in southeast Wisconsin to explore alternatives to contain health care costs in our area. Now, 10 years later, we are proud to say – as the name of our newsletter implies – that we served as a catalyst in driving meaningful change in addressing health care costs in southeast Wisconsin. Read More

BHCG partners with The Alliance to bring health care reform updates

Due to the complexity and frequent updates associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as the 2014 implementation of the law’s major provisions, many of you have requested that the BHCG provide you information about the ACA and how it will impact your health plan offerings. It is our goal to be a source of up-to date information employers can use to navigate these uncharted waters. In addition to several initiatives and activities outlined below, the BHCG has now worked out a collaborative resource-sharing arrangement with The Alliance, the Madison-area business health care coalition, to bring you periodic ACA updates written by its health policy consultant, Melissa Duffy.

Courtesy of The Alliance, the BHCG will post a link to periodic ACA updates – as well as archived ACA information and resources – to our web site. We anticipate working out the details of this sharing arrangement in the next few weeks. Read More

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