Informed Decision Making initiative – an update

In the Spring 2011 edition of the newsletter we shared with you information about a new BHCG initiative. Here is a brief recap of what the Informed Decision Making (IDM) initiative is and where we are at with its implementation.

If employers expect employees to be effective health care consumers making health care purchases on an informed basis focused on value employers must provide them access to understandable and actionable information. The goals and objectives for the IDM initiative include the following:

  • Improve treatment outcomes and reduce the number of unnecessary and/or excessively invasive procedures
  • Encourage consumers to make health care purchases on an informed basis and based on value (cost and quality)
  • Provide clinical support to members and their families regarding complex medical issues including second opinion /diagnosis confirmation assistance
  • Educate consumers on procedural benefits /risks, treatment alternatives, preparation for physician discussions, pre and post surgical activities to improve recovery and avoid complications
  • Working in conjunction with Humana clinical programs, connect employees and their families with the right health care support and treatment plan

After a comprehensive vendor selection process, it is expected the BHCG Steering Committee will endorse a vendor at its March 14 meeting. A rollout of the IDM initiative will commence in the next couple of months. Watch for details

Educated and informed consumers are essential to a high functioning health care system. It is critical to provide consumers with information about their treatment choices.

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