by Dianne Kiehl
2012 – Building on a foundation of success
From the Executive Director

Building on the successes of the past, 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting and dynamic year for the Business Health Care Group and all its stakeholders. I want to relay to you some of the energizing activities we have planned for this year.

Strategic Planning
This month we embarked on a formal strategic planning process with the goal of creating clarity about our vision and a strategy going forward that will support success. With the ever-changing health care landscape, it is critical that the BHCG continually assesses the environment it operates in and make changes to its vision and strategic focus as warranted.

Our first all-day session was conducted on February 21 with a follow-up session scheduled for April 16. We truly appreciate the participation of all our members via surveys and meeting attendance in this strategic planning process. We look forward to reporting on outcomes of this planning process in future editions of The Catalyst.

The Catalyst and Beyond
As a result of a readership survey we conducted in 2011, we have also made some strategic decisions about the future of The Catalyst newsletter. For 2012, look for The Catalyst six times a year in the even numbered months. There will be less content for an easier and quicker read, with a focus on news related to BHCG activities, results and initiatives.

Also as a result of readership input, we will be introducing a new publication (name yet to be determined) to be produced three times per year, beginning in March, with additional editions scheduled for July and November. Readers have requested more information and education in relevant areas. Articles for this publication will be more in-depth topical pieces highlighting a variety of health care and benefit issues facing all stakeholders including employers, consumers, providers and strategic partners. We want to provide you with essential information that in turn will help inform your own strategic activities.

Market Research
How do our various constituencies employers, providers, brokers/consultants, strategic partners, sponsoring organizations perceive the BHCG? What are our perceived strengths and weaknesses? How effectively are we communicating with our constituencies and the general public? What can we do better to serve you? The answers to these questions and many others are now being collected via focus groups and individual interviews and aggregated by an independent market research firm. Armed with these results, we intend to create a strategic communications and public relations plan for 2012 and beyond. These results will also be used in the broader strategic planning process discussed above. Look for more information about the results in an upcoming edition of The Catalyst.

We are excited about what 2012 holds for the BHCG. We encourage you to join with us in positioning our organization for continued success this year and into the future.

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